Annual Community Feedback Survey

Polk County Public Schools has opened its annual Community Feedback Survey today (March 8, 2018).

Working with a committee, the Department of Assessment, Accountability & Evaluation created the Community Feedback Survey to measure public perception of the school district.  Improving public perception is one of the goals of the School District’s current Strategic Plan.

The survey was first conducted in the 2016-17 school year to gather baseline data.  Your participation in this year’s survey will allow us to gauge our progress in various categories.  The survey will be available to current students (grades 4 and higher), school and district staff, as well as parents and community members.

Links to the surveys can be found at the bottom of this email.  The survey will be open today (March 8th) through Friday, March 23rd.

Please note that if you are both an employee and a parent, we would appreciate you taking both the Staff survey and Parent & Community survey.

Each of you plays a critical role in improving public perception of Polk County Public Schools. We appreciate your participation. If you have questions about the Community Feedback Survey, please contact the Department of Assessment, Accountability and Evaluation at 863-534-0688.

Student Feedback

Parent & Community Feedback

Staff Feedback

Thank you.