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Since its inception in 1972, the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) has developed into the most successful short-term exchange program between the United States and Germany.  The German American Partnership Program (GAPP) is a non-profit high school exchange program between schools in Germany and the United States, sponsored by the German Foreign Office and by the US Department of State.

The main objective of the Program is the integration of students into the everyday life of host families and into the classroom activities of host schools to provide them with a coherent intercultural experience.
Interested schools will find general information about present exchanges, participating schools, guidelines, deadlines and useful links within these pages. In addition, there are several forms available for download by current or prospective participants.
GAPP was greatly expanded in 1982 and 1983. As a result of financial participation from the American as well as from the German side, the program received a stimulus which has been sustained to this very day. The number of school partnerships has increased from 150 in the early days to almost 800 today. Up to now, more than 300,000 students have participated in GAPP.  Its objectives include the initiation and development of student exchange programs between the United States and Germany, inspiring intercultural understanding, promoting German language instruction and motivating personal friendships.
In addition to its patronage, GAPP, Inc. contributes financial support under certain conditions.

Excerpt taken from the German American Partnership Program- Goethe Institute Home Page

The Bartow High School German American Partnership Program began in 2003 as a cultural exchange program.  Since its inception, Bartow High School has been partnered with Märkische Schule Wattenscheid in the Ruhr Valley of West Germany.  Due to its nature as a cultural exchange, all Bartow students are able to apply for the exchange program regardless of their enrollment in a German language class.  Each student from Bartow is matched with a partner student from Märkische Schule for the duration of their involvement in the program.  As partners, students (and families) are responsible for hosting their counterpart during the 3 week exchange.  Traditionally, the Wattenscheid students arrive in Bartow in October and our Bartow students travel to Germany the following June.  As a part of the Bartow exchange to Wattenscheid, the students will also have the opportunity to visit Berlin for several days at the end of the trip.  The Bartow GAPP exchange occurs every two years with the next group travelling in the 2018-2019 school year.

Visit the German Exchange Website for more information.

This is where the students in the exchange program will be visiting in Germany.