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Senior News and Upcoming Dates

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Senior Events/Dates 2018

Date Time Event Location
05/04/18 School Day Deadline for completion of online courses (FLVS, PVS, E2020, FuelEd) and Grade Recovery Regular Classes or Computer Labs
05/07/18 School Day AP Exams through 05/18/18 Various Locations
05/09/18 6:30 PM Summerlin Academy Medallion Ceremony Branscomb Memorial Auditorium, Lakeland
05/08/18 05/09/18 School Day Senior Final Exams  – BHS/IB/SA Regular Classes
05/10/18 School Day Last day for Seniors – BHS/IB/SA

**Friday, 5/11/18 is a make-up day for any seniors who need to complete course requirements.

Regular Classes
05/14/18 6:30 PM Baccalaureate Service – BHS/IB/SA

**Students should wear their gowns (no caps) over church- type attire. Reception to follow.

First Baptist Church, Bartow
05/15/18 6:30 PM BHS Jacket Medallion Ceremony Civic Center, Bartow
05/17/18 6:30 PM IB Medallion Ceremony BHS Auditorium
05/21/18 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Senior Picnic – BHS/IB/SA Mary Holland Park, Bartow
05/21/18 6:30 PM Senior Awards (Invitation Only) – BHS/IB/SA BHS Gym
05/23/18 10:00 AM Mandatory Commencement Practice – BHS/IB/SA

Students are required to remain for the entire practice and will be released at its conclusion.

**Only students who attend this practice and remain until its conclusion will be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony.

***If you do not have obligations paid in advance, you will not be allowed to participate in practice or the commencement ceremony.

RP Funding Center, Lakeland
05/23/18 6:00 PM Commencement Ceremony – BHS/IB/SA

Report to the staging area at 4:30 PM

Doors will open to parents/family at 5:00 PM

RP Funding Center, Lakeland





Senior Resources

BHS SA IB College Handbook 2016-2017

CollegeCovered–Visit this website for help navigating financial aid and the FAFSA application.

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