Summer Assignments

2017 Summer Assignments

English Assignments–BHS Honors English classes will not have summer assignments this year.

AP Language (BHS & SA have different assigments!)

BHS AP Language and Composition Summer Reading

Summerlin Academy AP Language and Composition

English IV (Summerlin Academy Only)

2018 SA SR The-Canterbury-Tales-Summer-Reading-Assignment

Annotation Rubric for Mortimer Article

AP Literature and Composition (BHS & SA)

BHS AP Literature Summer Reading Assignment

Summerlin Academy AP Literature Summer Assignment 2018

Annotation Rubric for Mortimer Article

*BHS students, please email your assignment to Mrs. Courtney; do not bring a paper copy.

Science Assignments

AP Biology and Pre-IB Biology

AP Biology Summer Homework 2018

Famous Biologists Pre-IB summer assignment 2017

Social Studies Assignments 

AP Human Geography

APHUG Summer Assignment Revised April 2018

Mrs. Byrd’s Website:

AP World History

BHS/Mr. Clabough


The Big Picture – Turning Points

First Farmers – Revolution of Ag

Summerlin/CPT Henriquez



AP US History 


AP Government


Math Assignments

IB AP Calculus AB

The assignment can be found at

BHS/SA AP Calculus (Major Keating)

Calculus Summer Packet AB