Summer Assignments

2017 Summer Assignments

English Assignments

English I (BHS & SA)–This assignment is due one week after you attend your first English class!  

English I Summer Assignment

English II

English 2 Summer Assignment (BHS Information)

English II Summer Assignment (Summerlin Academy Information)

English III Honors (BHS & SA–all Summerlin Academy English 3 students must complete the summer assignment, regardless of level)

Eng3 Honors Summer Assignment



Their eyes were watching god G.O. summer assigment

Their Eyes Were Watching God Summer Reading Guide

AP Language (BHS & SA)

AP Lang Summer Reading SY 2017-18

AP Verbs

English IV Honors (BHS & SA)

The Canterbury Tales Summer Reading Assignment

How to Mark a Book

Annotation Rubric

Character Analysis Chart

Pardoner’s Prologue & Tale


Wife of Bath’s Prologue & Tale

AP Literature and Composition (BHS & SA)

AP Literature Summer Assignment 2017


Science Assignments

AP Biology and Pre-IB Biology

The assignments can be found at

Social Studies Assignments 

AP US History 

APUSH Summer Assignment- BHS


2017 IB Psych Summer Assign

AP Psych Summer Assign 2017

AP Government

AP US Govt. Constitution Summer Assignment

Math Assignments

IB AP Calculus AB

The assignment can be found at

BHS AP Calculus

AP Calculus Summer Assignment

AP Calculus BC

AP Calculus BC Summer Assignment