Summer Assignments

2017 Summer Assignments

English Assignments–BHS Honors English classes will not have summer assignments this year.

AP Language (BHS & SA have different assigments!)

BHS AP Language and Composition Summer Reading

Summerlin Academy AP Language and Composition

English IV (Summerlin Academy Only)

Character Analysis Chart

How to Mark a Book

2018 SA SR The-Canterbury-Tales-Summer-Reading-Assignment

Annotation Rubric for Mortimer Article

The General Prologue

The Wife of Bath’s Tale

The Pardoner’s Tale

AP Literature and Composition (BHS & SA)

BHS AP Literature Summer Reading Assignment

Summerlin Academy AP Literature Summer Assignment 2018

Annotation Rubric for Mortimer Article

*BHS students, please email your assignment to Mrs. Courtney; do not bring a paper copy.

Science Assignments

AP Biology and Pre-IB Biology

AP Biology Summer Homework 2018

Famous Biologists Pre-IB summer assignment 2017

 AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry Summer Assignment

Social Studies Assignments 

AP Human Geography

APHUG Summer Assignment Revised April 2018

Mrs. Byrd’s Website:

AP World History

BHS/Mr. Clabough


The Big Picture – Turning Points

First Farmers – Revolution of Ag

Summerlin/CPT Henriquez


AP US History 

Summerlin Academy APUSH Summer Assignment

BHS APUSH Sommer Summer Letter

BHS APUSH Chapter 1 Study Guide_APUSH_SOMMER

BHS APUSH Chapter 2 Study Guide_APUSH_SOMMER


2018 AP Psychology Summer Assignment

AP Government

AP US Government Summer Assignmnent

AP Macroeconomics

AP Macroeconomics Summer Assignment

Math Assignments

IB AP Calculus AB

The assignment can be found at

BHS/SA AP Calculus (Major Keating)

Calculus Summer Packet AB


Foreign Language Assignments

AP Spanish

AP Spanish Summer Assignment


Fine Arts

AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory Summer Assignment